Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2014

My goal is to run the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. I want to run it with my sister and my cousin, who are also half marathoners like me. However, my plantar fasciitis and posterior tibialis tendinitis is getting in the way! So here are my goals:

* complete my physical therapy program and get over the foot and heel pain.

    -- update 1/11: physical therapy sessions reduced from 3x per week to 2x per week due to improvement in both strength and range of motion, as well as a significant reduction in pain. Also was able to stop wearing the foot brace at night--no more pain in the morning when I get up, only stiffness!

    -- update 1/20: figured out some of the pain in the heel was from the orthotic. The arch support was too long for my foot and was extending down to, and hitting, the sore spot. I pulled the orthotics out, added a "wedge" from running store, and put the original soles back in. I did a longer routine at planet fitness and have very little pain. Ranking without advil: 2 or so out of 10; 3 at the worst. Not bad. Going to go try on some New Balance shoes tomorrow at Maine Running Co. and see if the wider/shorter shoe helps, since the Nikes are a bit too narrow and are compressing my lateral arch somewhat as well.

* improve my leg strength first by using stationary bike at the club (right now at 10 minutes, low speed with higher resistance)  -- update 1/20: removed this goal (I wish we could redline them to show that it's been changed); I'm allowed on the elliptical now so I'm switching over to that only, at least for the time being.

* improve my cardiovascular fitness by getting back up to a full 45 minutes on elliptical. Currently at half-power, 10 minutes only.

    -- update 1/20: great strides (ha ha) at planet fitness today, 15 min on elliptical at 80% max heart rate; 10 more for "cooldown". On a side note: I also doubled my "sideways hops" over a small hurdle, from 5 (over and back) to 10. I need to find out what these things are called. 


                                                                  15 min. on elliptical: I did it!

* begin a walking program, starting with shorter walks, building to longer walks of 2 miles and on up from there

* begin walk/run intervals, progressing from long stretches of walking with short jog bursts to longer and longer run stretches

* run my first uninterrupted mile

* work my way up to 2

* continue to improve to a 5K

* move from a 5K to my favorite 5 mile loop

* After I can complete my favorite 5-mile loop without pain/with enjoyment, I will consider myself "back" to running. From that point, whether I move back into half-marathons is dependent on how the running is going. If it's like it was before the injury, I will go back to the 13.1s.


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