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Run for 20 minutes each morning

hello all!! My name is Camila Duran and I'm here to get some habits under my belt :)

first things first, setting up my project!

  • What is Your Habit Personality?

    The quiz tells me I'm a Questioner and a Rebel. I guess i have to make sense of this habit internally very well before diving in. 

  • Why Did You Sign Up For This Class?

    I feel not sticking to things, a lack of discipline, is the main detriment in my life. Usually I embarge in projects or ideas full on and then fizzle out very quickly. This is a pattern that has ocurred since I was small all the way to now. It's impeding me from having a fulfilling life, so I want to do everything I can to change it!

  • What Has Been Your Most Consistent Good Habit in the Past?

    Honestly? Showering. That's it. But something following my interests? I can't thing of anything.

I've decided to make running 20 minutes daily my goal. I enjoy running, but never get around to it. I want to take reigns of both my health and my discipline, so i think this will be a good start. I've followed the class and kept filling in as I went, so here is my finished chart! 

in accountability, my goal is to achieve 75% of this goal. That conversation is something I really, really don't want to do, but will not cause harm to either party. 


day one: awesome sauce. went running, had a great run, and felt amazing for the rest of the day. my coworkers kept wondering if there was something wrong with me, hahah!
I think i need to change my rewards....breakfast and showers are things i do anyway...or maybe buying extra nice food/some nice bath product that i can only have when i've completed a run? Also, I decided to take a picture each day of my run. Today I was treated to all these trees blooming :)

UPDATE Sunday, 30th of November

I completed the entire week!!!! This has never happened, I'm ecstatic!

here are some pictures! 

Day Two: I'm really lucky that i live right next to this awesome trail by the river.

Day Three: Here I ran into my first hurdle (ran into...see what i did there? P:) It was raining when i woke up, and while i know there are people who run in the rain, that is where i draw the line! Usually, that would have been the end of this streak for me. I ould have said, "well, it's raining, that's outside my control" and then become depressed for quitting and then given up altogether. But planning out environment factors made me prepared for this! so i hit the gym like it has never been hit before! (not true, i just ran for 20 minutes. But you know what i mean)

Day Four: Looked stormy as well, but I really wanted to log my run on runkeeper so I threw caution to the wind and went for it! super awesome plus: it started drizzling lightly as i made my way home and it felt amazing. Luckily, the storm didn't hit until the evening, and it was this freak storm with hail the size of golf balls that left the city upside down. Australian weather! 

Day Five: After that massive storm, the running path felt more like a nature trail. By now, not only the endorphins are keeping me going, but i'm noticing improvement in my pace. Who knew you get better at running by running?

Day Six: Second hurdle. This was saturday and i had set my alarm for two hours later to sleep in since i don't work on the weekends. Big mistake, because it threw me off, and frankly, it is way too hot at 8 to go running here in sunny queensland. On top of that I was feeling sick and had a horrible headache, probably because of the heat. So....I missed my morning run. This would have made me incredibly frustrated, but i knew i had a redeeming chance to go for a small win if i went in the evening. by the time the sun set, i was antsy to go running. So I did! :D (sorry for potato quality of the photo)

Day 7: Learned my lesson and got up at 6 for my run. Thought today wasn't very good, I had gone for a gym workout after my run last night and my muscles were sore and i felt fatigued.Still made the whole run and when i finished, I noticed my pace was faster than ever. go figure! I'm still incredibly slow, but that was a major boost for me, because i can see progress! :D

This class has changed my life. I feel so empowered, i'm starting to do more with my day in general. I'm slowly becoming a better runner and to top it off, wake up bright and early and fully enjoy my mornings. The voice in my brain coming up with excuses is becoming fainter and fainter. I could not be happier!
33% of the way there!


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