Run a half marathon by baby's second birthday.

I was always about five pounds overweight but I excercised consistently, I ran races and I even completed a mini triathalon. Then I got pregnant. It was like a freedom bell went off in my head. I revolved my life around the types of cakes I would have for each meal. Chocolate muffin for breakfast, cheesecake for snack, etc...you get the picture. I gained 65 lbs in my pregnancy and panicked and ate more sweets. After one particularly bad weigh in at the doctors I decided the best medicine was to come home and eat a bucket of Ben and Jerry ice cream. Made total sense in that moment. As I was eating all the fatty foods, I secretly hoped that the baby weighed 65lbs, so that when I gave birth I wold be back to my pre pregnancy weight...obviously that didn't happen. Now its almost two years later and I am still about 20lbs overweight and feeling really blahhh. I want to feel strong again.

Start small

1. Figure out a way to get rid of this sweet tooth addiction

2. Build in excercises that don't require too much time

3. Excercise with the baby? I am also responsible for two dogs (our first babies)

4. run a 5k.


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