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Great course Nicolas, really gave me some inspiration with my logo re-design!

So, I'm a graphic designer/illustrator from London, England. I'm launching a clothing brand soon with the help of my girlfriend and a friend of mine. We wanted to create a brand that was inspired by rock bands and vintage motorbike with a kind of American look and feel but still keeping it English... Aimed at the risk takers of the world that love typography t-shirts and vintage styles...! I know, sounds stupid right?

Anyhow, I knew the look and feel we wanted so the only way to go would be a handdrawn logo. I've just started getting more in to hand lettering as I've always loved the look of it and have just managed to give myself the time to practice more between client work. I really like the old school style that looks more messy than clean!

So my first attempt, that we nearly went with was this...


Ok, but not really what knew I could do with more time to practice! So, this course showed up and gave me the push to sort it out...

Back to looking at some old sketches and kind of developed the idea as you can see below...


Started to get somewhere... 

After a little tweaking and a re-drew on to A4...


Tracing paper and pen time...


Then scanned and messed around in photoshop and illustrator for a while and here we go...


I ended up just live-tracing the scan and only cleaned up a few parts as the style is meant to look a fairly messy. The colours may still be tweaked but, for now, I'm pretty happy with it. I think it's a massive improvement on the previous logo...?!

Anyway, critique's are always welcome


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