Run 5K without stoping and feel it was easy in 8 weeks.

I recently turned 21 and I know I can do so much better than I'm doing right now. I think that I need to live up to what I can become, and push in all areas in my life. Physical activity, strength and my body composition are GREAT ways to improve my overall life:

  • Exercise will get me tough, both on the inside and outside.
  • Excercise = more energy for the day.
  • Health. I plan on living 120+

I was VERY active as a child, and I loved to run on open spaces. It's just a matter of getting that spirit back, and leaving weakness (what makes it difficult) behind!

My goal is to run 5K without stoping. Although I loved sprinting short distances, and I was very fast, I couldn't run for long. My legs would hurt and I'd stop. No pushing forward. That's what I want to change: to gain the ability to carry on in spite of discomfort and pain, knowing that it will make me grow. And I want to translate that to other areas of my life.

Project Started!


To make it fun, I started Zombies! Run! 5K workout. Week 1 involves 3 workouts of sprinting for a 15 seconds, and walking for a minute. Repeat for at least 30 mins. Increase Sprint time each week. By sprinting, I look to promote muscle growth and endurance.


I am already on week 2. Week 1 was very easy, but this week started out very fun. I can already feel the improvements in my overall endurance and condition. I can run small distances without feeling agitated at all! I'm surprised it happened this fast. This kind of results are very encouraging. I will keep it up. Off to bed for an early run tomorrow!


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