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Rumi Quote in Modern Script

This has been a great class!

I'm definitely seeing some improvement in the consistency of my letters, but I am struggling with my nibs, getting a good ink flow and scratching the paper and picking up fibers. 

I think I need to try different nibs. I've been using a Hunt 512, Hunt 513 EF and a Hunt 10 (super flexy tines!). Hunt is the only nibs my local supply store carries so I guess I'll have to order the Nikko G online, Any other good recommendations would be appreciated!

I have noticed also that my letting is shaky, I think that's due to me having to hold the pen lighter so as not to scratch the paper. Kind of frustrating..

I tried three different styles for my selected quote (one of my favorite Rumi quotes!)


This first is more rounded and little slant.


The second is longer, with less prominent downstrokes. I kept everything on a base line, while the third is very similar but my S's and T's drop below the baseline.


I think I like the third best so far. Perhaps because you can't tell as much how messy it is! I can definitely see how I still need to work on my consistency. 

I'm looking forward to class 2!


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