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Eric Martin

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Rum and Vanilla Lime


So, before watching this video series, my drink mixing was primarily rum or whiskey and coke. Inspired, I picked up some odd stuff, and started experienting. After a few really bad experiments, I put this together and liked it enough to post, and expand upon next time.

1 part fresh squeezed lime juice

1 Tuaca Vanilla Citrus

2 parts Simple Syrup

2 parts White Rum

Shake with ice, pour over lime round and cherry.

Sweet, but delicious. Next time I'll put 1 part simple syrup, and top with some club soda? Maybe with some ice in a tall glass. And cut a better lime round.

I doubt the cherry is necessary, but I like to eat them at the end. 

Also, I need to get better bar glasses.

Thanks for the class!


Tried it again, with 1 part simple syrup, over crushed (sorta) ice. Much better!


Here's a top down view of a White Rum, Lime, and Cucumber drink. The first of my mixes that my wife honestly liked and finished!



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