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"Rulers With No Boundaries"

My Eyewear Mood Board Design

Focus Luxury meets Rockstar

My Eyewear Collection Title Ideas

-"Rulers With No Boundaries"

-"Out of This World"

-"Lost in  Space"

-"Space Case"

Theme-Spacey, Minimalism, Pop Culture

Color Ideas

-Metallics (oil slick shade, gold, silver)

-Holographic (ie. think nail colors)

-Combinations (white and black)

-Neon brights (yellow, blue, pink)


-Snake skin

-Croc Skin

-Faux Leather

-Embossed sculptural designs on temple.

 My mood board represents my love of color, hue and texture. I have wanted to design sunglasses as an accessory for sometime because that seems to be the only accessory that was a little harder for me to envision or create. I design handbags that have textures and bright colors and wanted to relate there styles to my sunglass line. The Hair and ying yang sign represent gradients in my sunglass frames I want to create and a two tone pair of frames as well.The jewelry represents my frame shapes etc. Some of the animal skins are the sculptural textures I would like to add on the frames or the temples of the glasses. I am currently into metallics and holographic colors and textures.



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