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Rugged Wallet and Mini Messenger Bag

Yelped "Leather Supply" in Miami, FL and found this unrated leather shop called "Daddy's Leather Supply". Cute little mom and pop. Lots of images of guns and cowboy gear all over the shop -- don't think I'm a part of his target market, but I'm happy I stumbled upon it. 

Great leather and supplies, lots of locally sourced alligator skins. 

I chose a quarter of a cow hide that he let me have for 10 bucks.Thread at the shop is much thicker than we're instructed to use, but it works and makes the stiching stand out. My only trouble is tying the knot at the end of the stitich.

I'm also not quite sure if I'm using 5oz/2mm, but this leather works nicely

I editted the PDF pattern we were provided to be half the size, since it's a gift for my dad and he carries his wallet in my back pocket.

here it is almost done...


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