Miranda Harper




Rufus the Bulldog

While straining to find project ideas, my dog jumped onto my lap. I thought, "you're a convienient subject," and thus here is my project.

This is real life Rufus:

Here is geometric shape Rufus. I use Photoshop for work but I never get to use the fun art-making stuff so I was pretty clueless on how to use shapes. I think this turned out decent. If this was college and I got grades, I'd give it a B-.  I didn't save any early versions because, well dang it, I forgot. So all I have is the final version.

I did refresh a bit on gradients which I had forgotten how to do in Photoshop (I do almost all graphics in Illustrator and it is completely different).

I had trouble with making the mouth. I wanted a smile but couldn't figure out how to make a moon shape so I settled for the lines.


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