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Ruell and Ray - Work in Progress


I titled this project "Work in Progress" because that is simply what it is.  I started the concept of Ruell and Ray back in late 2010 and have now been on the official selling market for a year and a half.  I have amazing stockist and have had many opportunities to be so small.  I have a great brand and now want to take it to the next level of a small men's collection.  You are never too experienced to learn more or keep evolving and that is why I am here.

The story behind the name:

Family is so important to me, so when coming up with a name, I knew I wanted it to relate.  On my FB page it states: Ruell Cook and Ray Harrison are two important people whose lives unknowingly intertwined to inspire our brand.  Ruell was my mothers grandfather and Ray was her dad.  They had cool names and did cool things so it made sense for me to start there.  One was a south Georgia cotton farmer the other was a USAF pilot.  I gave loads of pictures to my branding company and really wanted them to mesh their two lives together in the logo.  If you look in the logo you can see cotton and airplanes.

I am not a heritage inspired brand nor do I want to be considered one.  It is a personal name with a very personal meaning and I use very small nods to them in my design.

Here was my first ever mission statement:

Ruell & Ray’s devotion to local and quality-driven manufacturing allows one to sit comfortably with both pants and morals. Core values lie in the ability to provide individuality to individuals by resurrecting “DEADSTOCK™” fabrics from around the world to provide you with handmade jeans constructed with only the most rare materials that will never see the light of day again. Take comfort in knowing that your jeans are ONE OF A KIND…FOREVER.

Back Pocket Tag for the Deadstock label:

I only wanted to make denim made out of already produced fabrics that would otherwise be sitting.  I didn't want to ask mills to make me something specific or even go to the fabric mills directly.  My recent background before started with Ruell and Ray was working with the company Patagonia.  I believed in their mission statement and wanted to make sure that I gave back as much as I could, used materials already produced and have everything made local.

Learning real quick, I knew I could not base my entire business on using deadstock fabrics, it wasn't feasible.  Now I only use my Deadstock by Ruell and Ray label once or twice a year when I come across some amazing fabric that is no longer being produced.

Stay tuned for the




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