Rudolph's Market—Meat packaging

Rudolph's Market—Meat packaging - student project


Here is some packaging inspiration that I've found so far. I'm holding off on what kind of visual language I'll be using because I'm currently designing a new logotype and whatnot—maybe I'll post some of those sketches here though as well. There are a lot of different directions / ideas here because I'm planning on carrying this out through a larger identity system: fresh meat packaging, frozen meat packaging, carrying boxes/bags, labels, wait tickets, etc.

Rudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 1 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 2 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 3 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 4 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 5 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 6 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 7 - student projectRudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 8 - student project


Okay, so I think I've decided to go with meat packaging for Rudolph's Market—a local butcher in Dallas' Deep Ellum neighborhood. I chose this because Rudolph's Market has been voted a north texas favorite and has a long history beginning in 1895 that could be fun to pull from. In addition, I might combine this with another skillshare class I'm taking on logotype design to get a larger identity project out of it. Cool!

Rudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 9 - student project

That typography on, both, the sign and wall is pretty great // has a lot of character.

Rudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 10 - student project


Hello!  I'm super excited for this class—I was in design school for a while and always wanted to take a packaging class, but never did. 

So I'm trying to decide what I'd like to work on. I had thought it would be fun to do wine, beer, tea, etc., but now I'm debating doing something a little goofier.

My current thought is to redesign the common meat packaging. I'm not a huge meat eater, but I think the packaging (for MOST brands) has been loosely the same for a very long time, it lacks strong hierarchy, and lowers the perceived value of the product. My thought is to design a kinetic system for beef, poultry, fish, and pork. 

Rudolph's Market—Meat packaging - image 11 - student project

I'm not 100% positive on this, but it's what I'm leaning towards. Other potential things are canned tuna, eggs, prescription bottles, condom packaging, or things like tea, wine, beer, cheese, etc. 

This is just a small brain dump, so ignore my wishy-washy process. I'll decide by tomorrow!


Another Idea I just came up with:

A few years ago I came up with some healthy truffle recipes that I wanted to sell at my local famer's market, but never got around to it. I use 80–90% cocoa chocolate (promotes circulation and feeling happy!), balsamic vinegar, and stevia to sweeten them (zero calories). Then, some of them are rolled in milled flax seed (similar texture to shredded coconut but has tons of omega-3), some of them contain chia seeds (gives it a crunch similar to Nestle Crunch bars and also has tons of omega-3). Not sure if I want to do this, but it's another option.

David Broderick
Designer & Illustrator