Ruckus - student project


I'm a freelancer from South Texas with  a passion for streetwear. After years of coming up with concepts and using the same techniques I find myself being a bit repetative. I felt like this would be great for personal growth in the industry and the way I design. My project will be for Ruckus, (one of the brands I lead as head designer)  a streetwear brand out Colorado run by great people. The final product will then be printed by this Fall/Winter. 

Ruckus - image 1 - student project

Main product points 

  • Bold 1 color designs
  • Mascots are  vultures, wolfs and reapers
  • Varsity meets vintage military with a rough modern twist
  • Clean and simple printed on mostly white and black tees


  • Death Crew
  • We Came To Destroy
  • 1:9
  • Spades

Despite the sound of it, there is a strong positive meaning behind the Death Crew. It represents union,  a group of brothers and sisters, a pack of underdogs. The meaning behind the brand is leaving a legacy by being real and being remembered even after death. The only thing we have to look foreward to is death so we embrace it by giving it our all day in and day out. I wanted to represent that with a badge that resembles our union within the Death Crew all over the world.


Ruckus - image 2 - student project


Ruckus - image 3 - student projectRuckus - image 4 - student project