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Ruby in the Dust Workshop notes

I've been teaching craft wokshops for a while and wanted to redesign some of my notes; mainly because I thought it could look better, but also to save on paper and make it more user-friendly. 

I did this layout in the first week after doing the first two sections, but haven't had much time to look at the rest of the tutorials.  I really felt like I needed more help with layout theory or examples, but I guess I'll soon get there in Unit 3. I've kind of got stuck reading the very intersting Butterick's Typography and am taking my time with it as it's very educational. Anyway, here's my layout. I used Elephant Italic in the headings and Nexa Light in the body text. It's just using black, because I don't want to print notes in colour. I tried to use white space; how well I'm not really sure yet, but I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. 


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