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Ruby Woo

I always carry a lipstick in my wallet or purse. Its called Ruby Woo from MAC. I love the shade, the size,  the design. Its small and sleek and fits perfectly in small space. Its perfect!

I don’t usually wear the lipstick but keeping it in my purse/wallet makes me feel safe and more confident. I sometimes use a dab of it on my lips or cheeks for some color. On really hard days when I feel I need to show I am in control or I just don’t care about anyone’s opinion I go full bright red lips. Its almost a signal of what I am feeling and my three kids know how mommy is feeling from the shades of her lips.

Its silly to think why a lipstick will give me all that self confidence. I remember about four years ago going to MAC store with my three kids, one tied around me and others holding my hand. I felt super ‘mommyish’ and trust me that’s not a good feeling! I saw this beautiful African American girl with amazing curly hair and full lips bright red lips. She looked amazing. I told her about my situation and how I have not gone out of the house and don’t know anything about make up anymore. I was thinking maybe a bit makeup will make me feel more cheerful outside and hopefully that feeling can travel inside bla bla bla. She looked at me and said “You need Ruby Woo”. “Ruby what ?” I was so confused. When she brought it to me I was so uncomfortable about it. I kept explaining to her that I am ‘ Stay at home MOM’! What will I do with this? I never wear this kind of color? I need a brown color or perhaps a pink but this bright red is only for models or other pretty girls. She was so insistent and almost intimidating that I bought it just to get out of the store. I have to say it was one of the best decision I made. I am truly grateful to that girl.

Now that my son is almost five and life has changed in many pleasant ways. I do feel better about myself. I have bought many non-mommyish stuff to give me the confidence but ‘Ruby Woo’ is still my best friend. I have bought it several more times for my friends who just had babies or are stay at home mom. As I hand them over the lipstick I tell them ‘Mothehood is the hardest thing in life however there is light at the end of the tunnel and while you are in the tunnel you need ‘Ruby Woo’ to brighten your way.


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