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Rub Some Dirt On It

Ok, so I have chosen my phrase: Rub Some Dirt On It. 

I chose this because I say it all the time to my kids and my students, and it's kind of a mantra for me as I live my life. I want to remind myself to let certain things roll off my back, and "Rub some dirt on it; You'll be fine." helps me remember not to sweat the small stuff.

My words are: Rugged, tomboy, cut, outdoors, tough, cast, sports, bandaid, sling, coach, whistle, clipboard, grass, grass stain, field, goal, football, soccer, scuff, tear-streaked, smudge, mud, dusty, caked, muddy, splattered, mudpie, grimy, 

Worked on some letter warmups last week. Ended up with some really fun explorations (for me anyway). More to come!


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