Rozay (Complete) - Young Guru x Skillshare Contest

My project is an instumental I've made using FL Studio 11.0 titled Rozay. 

I've taken the pure, unmixed version and applied everything I've learnt through the lessons of Young Guru.

Starting with the organization of the tracks and channels. 

Like in the lesson I've named everything and grouped similar tracks together to make them easy to distinguish. I've taken it a bit further and even colour coded each group for an even more efficient workflow.

Next step was determining the levels of the mix

The first thing I did before anything was set the level for the drums. Once done I then decided the dynamic range for the rest of the mix. I also made use of panning to seperate my mix and to create a more vast sounding track. 

Once i was happy with my levels i then moved on to adding effects and equilizing my tracks. 

I started with eq'ing the kick, which i felt needed alot of work as it was far too punchy for the feel of the track. At the same time I played with the bass and adjusted it accordingly to blend with the kick, being careful not to drown either sound. 

From the kick and bass, the next step was eq'ing the rest of the sounds. 

Last step  was to find the tonal balance. I applied an equilizer on the master bus to gain a visual analysis on my overall track, then tweaked areas I thought were lacking in punch to complete the mixing process !

Unmixed :

Mixed :

Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy the final project. !



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