Roxy Urquiza

Just 15 year old hoping to become a artist.



Roxy`s Project

Alrighty then, my weapons of choice are simple

A 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, a 1 mm pen, and a 9x12 Canson sketchbook.

...also heres a few sketches from day 1:

and regarding our villan/hero i`ll probably choose one of my own characters.

Thats pretty much it (since I started at night) for day 1. Hopefully i`ll have more poses and some facial expressions on day 2.


Okay then, heres what i`ve got from day 2:

And now that i`ve decided to use these two for the final drawing, I focused on their expressions...

So yeah, that`s all i have for today.


Sorry I havn`t uploaded anything in a while, schools been keeping me pretty busy...


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