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Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha Brewery and Taproom

Update 7/22

I'm finalizing the launch page of the Kickstarter to be launched this weekend.

Feedback either here or on the Kickstarter page is much appreciated. I think it still has a bit of work to be cohesive.



Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha opened its doors as one of only a handful of kombucha taprooms in the world on April 12, 2014. By June we realized that in order to make ends meet, keep our taproom and start distributing to local stores in the Front Range area of Colorado, we would need to purchase the right equipment.

I have been volunteering at the Rowdy Mermaid since its opening in April, because the founder was one of the most genuine and enthusiastic people I have met.

*Jamba Dunn at the Rowdy Mermaid Taproom

He had brewed kombucha obsessively for years, but upon being layed-off from his job as a content developer for Rosetta Stone, he decided to go for it and start a kombucha brewery and taproom in Boulder, Colorado. He named the taproom after his daughter, who was dubbed the "rowdiest mermaid of all" during a trip to a peaceful, local hot spring.

And that brings us to the Kickstarter project.

Jamba decided to go through Kickstarter to fund the equipment needed to get up to speed, because selling kombucha by the glass and growler has not been paying Boulder's expensive rent, even in the warehouse district. He created the project, had a video done, wrote a brief explanation and not very well thought out rewards, set the funding period for 20 days and hit go, just two days before July 4th weekend.

Naturally, by day four it was $200 pledged out of $12,000, with only two weeks to go. He did not do any press release, no media contact, etc. So I have taken it over, and hope to make it successful.


The first steps to re-doing the project was to cancel the original campaign as soon as possible. It wasn't going to be funded the way it was going, and there were only a few backers to send explanations to. Better that way than failing entirely. 

Another volunteer and I took on the planning for the new project, and gave ourselves a few weeks to get the new landing page, rewards, press release and so on into place. We plan to launch the campaign on the weekend of the 25th, and end on the 5th of September. It will be live for about 43 days, which should give enough time to generate media attention, and we'll end with a finale event.




DATE: Monday, July 21 2014

CONTACT: Jamba Dunn

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha Brewery and Taproom Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

A Kombucha company and taproom in Boulder calls on their community to help redefine the limits of fermented tea.

The Rowdy Mermaid, a Boulder-based kombucha brewery and one of a handful of taprooms in the world,is turning to the Internet to raise funds needed to distribute its kombucha and keep its taproom going strong. Founder Jamba Dunn hopes to raise $12,000 through Kickstarter to buy a faster bottling and labeling system.

“Right now, it takes us about 130 hours to bottle just one  flavor. Then there's labeling, boxing, and moving into cold storage. With even a modest improvement in our equipment we could do the same work in 15-20 hours,” said Dunn.

When asked why he chose to use Kickstarter to fund the needed equipment, Dunn said, “We want to be a sustainable  business and avoid the long-term pitfalls of securing outside investment. We want to remain local, small and a true reflection of our community.”

Since it opened in April of this year, the taproom earned great reviews in local and national media. Outside Magazine described Rowdy Mermaid as part of “the new wave of kombucha taprooms,”  and Boulder's Elephant Journal proclaimed that Rowdy Mermaid was “kombucha, finally done right.” The company was also named as one of Zagats hottest new artisanal food companies to watch in the coming year.

The taproom is located in East Boulder’s warehouse district, and offers a unique space with the intention to transform functional beverages into social beverages. While brewing in the back, the taproom hosts tastings, private events, live music, community nights, and brewing classes.

“It might make better financial sense for us to use  all of the space for production,” said Dunn. “But , having a taproom allows Rowdy Mermaid to connect with the community and collaborate with other local companies, restaurants, and non-profits.”

Rowdy Mermaid currently partners with Ozuké,Big Top Pops, Local Eat + Drink, Buzz Bus Wellness Lifestyle Tour, the Colorado Ocean Coalition and the Living Arts School.

The Kickstarter funding model is an “all-or-nothing” approach, so if the project does not reach its goal of $12,000, Dunn and the Rowdy Mermaid get nothing. .

The popular crowdfunding site highlights rewards as “a creator's chance to share a piece of their project with their backer community,” so Rowdy Mermaid is offering a mix of rewards, ranging from a $1 “virtual high-five” and updates on the project, to growlers of kombucha, limited-edition t-shirts and handcrafted mugs, kombucha brewing classes and parties, tickets to its campaign finale event, and a bags made out of the dried kombucha SCOBY.

The crowdfunding campaign will end on September 5th at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, which will be marked by a countdown at the finale event located at the taproom.

About Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

Jamba first began brewing kombucha with inspiration from his toddler daughter (the rowdy mermaid herself) and quickly learned there are about as many variables to the brewing process as there are kombucha companies in the world. In Fall 2013, Jamba met Danielle Martin, the brewer responsible for starting kombucha brewing operations for Brew Dr. Kombucha in Portland, and the two began relearning what they thought they knew of brewing, flavoring and microbiology. They opened the taproom in April 2014 and currently sell kombucha at Boulder’s Saturday Farmers’ Market and at numerous retail locations including Lucky’s Market, Cured, Alfalfa’s and In Season Local Market.

About Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage made from a combination of yeast and bacteria. The final product contains live probiotics and a yeast strain which acts as a valuable aid to digestion. Kombucha has existed for over 2,000 years, and was only introduced to the US during the 1980s. While kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, it is not an alcoholic beverage.


For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jamba Dunn at xxx-xxx-xxxx or [email protected]



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