Row house at dusk

Row house at dusk - student project

This class really taught me a lot. While the style of my painting is a bit of a different approach, Jen's instruction gave me the confidence to approach doors, windows, and bricks...and to embrace my love of detail. I always struggle to paint loosely, but this class made me feel like going for detail was ok, and that was so fun for me. Jen also allowed me to take the leap to purchase a lightbox for tracing the drawing, which I've resisted for so long, thinking it's "cheating". But, I have very limited time in which to paint. When I spend a ton of time on the drawing, like I would have done for this, I'm often out of time until the next weekend. Tracing the drawing allowed me to pick a much, MUCH more challenging subject, and to have lots of energy for painting once it was done. Thanks so much Jen, for a great class that really stretched me. I used to be a nurse practitioner, too...for many years. So it was really inspiring to me to see what you've done since leaving clinical practice. Really appreciate your thoughtful class.Row house at dusk - image 1 - student project