Getting More Exercisers into Our Group Fitness Classes

My challenge is simple.

To get:


In order to:

Some history:

Routeam was founded in 2012 as a boot-strap start up to help people achieve fitness goals. Currently, the main business model is to partner with studios and drive exercisers to their classes. The exercisers pay us, we find them classes they like, then we pay the studio who provides the class. We currently sign up about 5 or so classes per week and are looking to score 100 per week by the end of 2013. Some more facts (from December 2012):

1. 3 people paid for $40 or more worth of Routeam services in the month of December.
2. 29 unique people have paid for a Routeam service (as of December).
3. 705 unique people have visited (as of December).
4. 370,000 people ride the DC (WMATA) metro every weekday.
5. 3 million people are employed in the DC-metro area, the wealthiest in the country.
Our target customer is a 27-year-old in the WMATA area making $75,000/year.

Be Healthy,


(And this is me:)

Oh hay!


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