Round is not my shape!

I started my journey after I got engaged.  I began reading about getting healthy and working on the plan that was best for me.  I started logging my workout through Fitocracy after reading a book called Fitness for Geeks.  I realized I had been gaining weight and I was miserable because of the job I had.  Once I started my workouts, I felt better about myself and went looking for a new job.  My plan dropped off a few months before my wedding, things got crazy as life often does.  I had dropped 4 dress sizes and have continued to lose weight by improving my eating habits.  Dieting is starving your body, eating healthy is not.  My smaller and larger goals as well as my workout plan are outlined below and I believe my smaller goals will lead to my larger goals.

Smaller Goals:

  • eat healthy and more fresh than frozen, lean meats and more fruits and vegetables, whole grain pastas
  • eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks
  • measure once a week with initial measurements taken at the beginning, measuring is better than weighing
  • weigh once a month with the initial weigh taken at the beginning, do not obsess about weight
  • drink more water
  • eat out only once a week

My workout plan:

  • cardio 3-4 times a week; Zumba, swimming, Pilates, or Elliptical trainer
  • Strength training with weights, start out light and progress to heavier weights

My large goals:

  • do not expect miracles overnight
  • workout and stick to my workout plan longterm to maintain overall health
  • lose enough inches to get back into my favorite jeans in a reasonable amount of time, only 2-3 sizes left to lose


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