Round and Curvy Chimney Sweep! | Skillshare Projects

Kayla Hull

Graphic Designer



Round and Curvy Chimney Sweep!

This was my first time illustrating a character, and I had so much fun doing it! So thank you so much Brian for making this awesome class available to all of us!


I started out my process my making lists of things that I was intrigued by. I ultimately decided on a large circular bendy chimney sweep. I just recently saw the incredibles, so I was inspired by Mrs. Incredibles elastic body. I wanted to illustrate my character with my wacom tablet in photoshop, but it decided to die as I was starting the outline, so I settled for illustrator!




The idea behind my character is to defy the odds, and to excel at something that people told you would never be able to do. Her super power is being able to bend and stretch her way into any space, similarly to Mrs. Incredible (as stated previously), and Mr. Fantastic. 

Thank you again Brian!


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