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Rough Sketches for T-shirt Design

Hey There,

I've been so busy lately that I overlooked the first assignment, talking about the brand you're working with.  I'll be playing with the Johnny Cupcakes brand.  I love the tongue and cheek style, and parodies.

These are my rough sketches for my concept.  I really wanted to play with the quote "Make Cupcakes Not War."  I felt that this could be played with so many ways.  My first design is having a fighter plane drop cupcakes instead of bombs.  And my second concept is the a-bomb smoke forms in the shape of a cupcake over the city.  I haven't had much time to work on these, sorry for the roughness. 

Hello all!  Here is my progress so far.  I finally had time to actually sit down put it in illustrator.  I feel like this shirt is becomming very "girly" with all the pastel colors and cutesy type.  I will be making different versions with other colors and type.  The sprinkles are debris from the blast.  I'm trying to limit the colors used, the sprinkles alone are 3 additional colors.  Any suggestions?

Changed the look of the cloud to be bigger


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