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Rough Ideas

Hey gang. I'm just getting started here. I believe step one is to throw out three ideas for a piece and hopefully there will be some feedback as to which one to turn into a full piece. So here's three that come to mind. Let me know what you think.

I live in an Asian country and don't speak the language. Last month a took a wrong turn and ended up burning it down the freeway on my little 125cc scooter while cars hooted wildly and people waved madly, possibly showing their appreciation for my daring stunt. All seven emotions were experienced, both individually and simultaneously. But the final emotion was a dark, bottomless pit of shame as I stood watching the police stop the traffic on the freeway while my scooter got loaded onto a tow-truck.

Reality games shows are truly awful things. Contestants' faces drip with the hopeful nervousness of a first-time interviewee. They know their intellect is on full display as it goes head-to-head with nerves, and all they can think about is how to put on a brave face when they ultimately fail. The viewer, on the other hand, is worse, because he simply cannot wait for the contestant to fail.So perhaps a dark humor piece in a game show setting, where a charismatic host works up a crowd of grim reapers while your soul plays a game to determine your cause of death. All while you unknowingly sit daydreaming in a coffee shop.

Children vs the biggest number. Young kids become fascinated with numbers. It's their first real understanding of measurement. Ask a 2 year-old how many pieces of candy he wants and he'll show you ten fingers, because at the time that's the biggest number he's packing. Soon they learn the number one hundred and this blows their mind, because nothing could possibly be bigger than that. Now when you're teaching English as a second language in Asia it becomes a different ball game. And when you've got one foot out the door to head home and a bunch of 3 year-olds try use the biggest number they know to show how much they like you, well then the tears start to roll for a number of reasons.


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