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Kirsty Mcgill

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Rouge Beauty logo design

This is the first time I've even attempted anything like this, and it is so hard! I have so much respect for font designers...

I didn't realise I was meant to record the early stages, but this is where I'm up to (approx 3.5hrs somehow!) I tried a few different things with the R swishing it around the other text etc but just wasn't sure.

I spent sime time trying to refine the letters further:

After quite a long time of further tweaking, I realised that the 'e' wasn't looking right because it didn't flow from the 'g' like it looks like it should, so I angled the crossbar - which I think started working a lot better:

I used one of the textures supplied, but this only shows up a bit. For fun I also tried a crayon texture (low res) to make it look a bit like lipstick/lipliner

I think that the 'R' could be improved, but I am not sure how? And I also wish I'd perhaps had a thicker base to start so there is more contrast between the thick and thin parts..


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