Rouge Baiser (Cosmetics) 1949 René Gruau (Béret A)

  1. Choose Print Ad to Reproduce:

    This is an ad from 1949 by the brilliant Rene Gruau. He created advertisements for many high fashion labels, from Christian Dior to Balenciaga. This particular ad was for lipstick by Rouge Baiser Paris. Gruau's work created a new, lasting image for Rouge Baiser, as his images of women with bright lips, and black hats, hair, or scarves became the iconic image of the brand in the early 50's. Audrey Hepburn was known to wear this lipstick in the 50's, which helped bring the brand to America.

    I chose this ad because of its sophistication despite relative simplicity. There are few colors, the image itself is not very complex, yet it is an extremely iconic image that impacted fashion advertising. It shows that highlighting a product amidst a simple background/setting can really make it shine. Hopefully I will do it justice in my replication! 

    Pen & Ink. Rene Gruau. 1949.

  2. Layout the basic composition with shapes and colors:

    so, that was pretty easy.... All I've done so far is create the basic outline of the shapes, and fill in the colors. I'm still getting used to illustrator, though..so it was helpful to practice.

  3. Add Text and Advanced Details:

    Here's what my project looked like after adding text, textures, etc. I actually have this print, and it is much more aged, so I tried to give the text at the bottom a similar look. 

    The End.



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