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Rosie Eckerman Designs Logo Sketches

The logo I've decided to work with happens to be my own. It's something that I've thought about for years but never had any type of direction. So here are my beginnings! 

I'm really interested in custom type, handdrawn and really simple sans serif typefaces. I have to admit, I'm a trend follower with banners and flags so I tried to follow my typography teacher's advice, and not use too many.

For the first page I prefer numbers 4, 5 and 9. They tend to be more my "style"

I've often deliberated with doing an acronym type of thing with the R.E.D. (Rosie Eckerman Designs) but then get the feeling that it might be confusing becuase I keep finding myself wanting to say RED Designs... Thoughts?

Second page I'm liking numbers 11 and 12...

And for the third I like numbers 21 and 22, as far as the little decorative accents, but I'm worried that they might focus more on the cutesy side.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


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