Roses - student project

I was inspired by a stamp set from My Favorite Things called LJD Circle Scribble Flowers.  I used the ellipse tool to create the base of the flowers.  To draw the lines on the inside of the roses, I used the blob brush to trace the inside of a photo of a rose.  I copied, pasted and resized it to the second flower.  The third flower I free-handed the lines with the blob brush tool.  I used the warp tool on everything but the gradient background.  The dotted background was created by using the ellipse tool to draw some small circles and then, to make them "wonky", I used the warp tool.  I created a pattern out of them, drew a rectangle on top of the background and added the pattern to that.  I changed the transparency of the pattern background so the gradient background would show through.  It was lots of fun!