Roses for Elijah

Roses for Elijah - student project

Warning : To those who will read the following project , I’m am French and my english isn’t perfect , but I hope you’ll like it anyway .


Step 1 – Brainstorm about a moment in my life


Considering that I have taken this class to move further with « Roses for Elijah » , I choose to focus on the time I fell i love for the first time ( that I remember) . ( 300 words )


Where did you two first met ?


We met at one of our common friends’s birthday party . I was focused on my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long time , but still I noticed him . He was , as I was 17 , looking like a man to me in his stature comparing to the people I’ve dated before that were highschool boys . He started to hit on me , inviting me to play alcohol games with him . But he left soon after that and again not my biggest interest .


How’d you feel ?


Hm… From my memory , which can be biased , I was interested in him but I didn’t feel any ‘’love’’ yet . I on the other hand was disapointed when he left .


What happened next ?


Well , long story short , we spent 4 days seeing each other with our friends , the first day i realized that i liked him , things went really fast and before we knew it we were together .


In four days ?


Yes . And I told him « I love you » 4 days after that . AGAIN it was a first for me , espacially at the time before i met him i was like « You can’t fall in love with someone that quickly , it not love it’s the honey moon phase » . But it changed and I carried away haha .


=> Conclusion : Things like emotion are out of control and it would be logical if Elijah was to fall in love with the girl very fast as it is the first time and he’s out of this world ( angel thing ) .


Step 2 – Freewriting (900)


My topic is : First love


« It happened so hard so fast . When I look at him I see past , present , futur and beyond . I remember , saying to myself « Doing it no more » . No more self sacrificing , no more putting people before myself , no more keeping things for myself hoping they’d get away by themselves , no more love . I’m done with that kind of love . But maybe he’s not like that . He’s so caring and- »


« Lily ? »


« Hm ? »


She was starring at him , eyes empty , daydreaming for about half an hour while Eli was cooking . He was very good at it . The way he’d come up with new flavours each and every day made her feel like she was on a a gustative journey through places and time . Oops , starring again .


« Are you okay ? » asked Eli


« What are you cooking anyway ? »


« Hm .. Eluding I see . » , with a sparkle in his eyes .


He left the kitchen worktops so elegantly to place himself behind the chair she was sitting on , put his two great hands on the side of her shoulders and bowed to her neck . She loves that . He started caressing her arms as kisses went and finally asked :


« What is it ? » , a kiss .


« Just thinking »


« About what ? » , another one .


« ... »


Sticking her head against his was all she could do right now as she wasn’t ready to share . And she hated that . She hated that her past was coming back at her in petrifiying fear . « What if I he leaves once I tell him ? » she thought . For now , she just went back to him , held him and rubbed her nose on his warm skin . Because he was like that . Always warm and cosy . Maybe it was the color of his skin that gave her the impresion . Could it be the fact that he was raised in Mesopotamia ? Yet , she was lost in him again.


« You don’t wanna tell me ? »


He was whispering like the force of his blow could break her .


« Not now. Not yet .» , her eyes closed .


She felt ashamed . She wanted to cry . Argh so childish !


« It’s okay, love . »


Tear threatened to pour on her cheeks . She was frowning , her teeth clamped together seemed to hurt her . Powerless . She was struggling a thousand battles inside and there was nothing he could do . At this point , the oldest of god’s childen realised that he hadn’t known everything left to know in this world , and he loved her for that .

Eli decided to take her hand and gently guided her before the saucepan .


« I’m making Lemon Chicken. »


« Hm ! Smells delicious as always . »


He embraced her again . The hardest thing for him was to know if she was actually enjoying they’re time together , or if she was pretending . Not to hurt him of course , but his brothers and sisters emphasized on the fact that he can be kind of boring .


« Look who’s a thousand miles away now ? » , she mocked .


He laughed . She was so funny sometimes .


« I’m amazed . »


« By me ? »


« By the fact that we’ve been standind in front of the pot for five WHOLE minutes and you still haven’t stolen anything from it yet . »


« You- ! »


« Me what ? »


« Y-You’re mean , you know that ? »


Who knows what it was ? Was it her hair , her lips , her skin , the way she turned around plunged her eyes in his ? Whatever it was , he coudn’t help it .


« I don’t Always- »


«  I love you . »


Said and IMMEDIATELY regreted .


« ...What ? »


Her eyes were wide open in surprise as she sure didn’t expect that . Opposite feelings rose in her .

Unfortunately , he was just as surprised as she was and no explanation will follow .


«  I ...Uh...It came out of nowhere I- I’m sorry...It was t-totally out of line I’m so SO sor- »


This is doing no good , Eli .


« No ! It’s okay ! It’s okay , I-I just haven’t totally made up my mind about how I feel for you and-and , you know , things happened in the past and since then- »


« Hey could you grab my pair of socks in the dryer please ? »


«  ...Your socks. »


« Yes…I have cold feet . »


« O-okay... »


It was the very first time in his life Elijah hoped Lydia was gone , so that he could hole up for the rest of it . They spent dinner together with a palpable uneasiness , both of them thinking : « What in the Good Lord’s name just happened ? ».



Step 3 – Character (900)


Elijah is the oldest of God’s creation ( if we leave out Lucifer , older but condammed to rule over Hell for eternity and as of this moment , God stopped considering Lucifer as his child . )

He ‘s the angel that’s supposed to harvest dying soul and take them to Selena , incarnation of Death and Elijah’s lover , which will keep Elijah from interracting with humans for millenials . Eli’s relationship with Selena is loveless and based on simple , cold even intercourses as they don’t feel anything for each other and never did . His innocence toward sex and social relationship made him fall into Death’s arms , as he felt confortable and only knew and talked to dying people . He found himself trapped in this loop until he met Lydia , almost by accident , in a coffee shop .

Elijah’s huge . 6,7 feet tall and over 2 hundred pounds , he was raised as a warrior and erudite in Mesopotamia with the other angels until humans were created . He has black , short , curly hair and a brown skin .

He’s kind of a loner and his brothers and sister , except Michael , aren’t quite of the best advised people . He spent his extra time on earth taking interest in human sciences and history but always keeping himself from true bonding . He’s more serious than a goofy kinda person , limiting his sens of humor to few puns from years to another , and when he’s not inside a dark librairy studying , he’s out there masterizing his favorite hobby : observing .

Everything , every details of life , insects , birds , the deep blue of the ocean , the shades of a skintone , Elijah likes to pay attention to all tiny details that makes life what it is . He likes to understand and enjoy the beauty of this world because , even if he started holding a grudge against his Father for leaving Heaven and Earth to his caution , he will always admire him for his creation , for he would love to be able to create life as well .

His behavior made him look unproper to human society , like a cog that doesn’t fit in the machinery . But as the machinery became louder , people that are noticed are now the noisier ones . Elijah found peace in that , he could hide in silence , people wouldn’t notice him unless he wanted to , despite his appearance . In that , he can be a bit melancholic .

Unfortunately for our shy Elijah , Lydia came in the way . He loves her to the core and loses himself often in contemplating her . She’s his first and only love , which will allow him to feel time passing by for the first ‘’time ‘’ in the last billion years of existence and also understand the true depth of the human soul . He’ll discover knew feelings : excitement , fear , cravings , desires . He may react badly towards certain situation but always makes things right and let his pure heart talking .

They found something that one never expected to happen and the other didn’t even know existed .

A rather contradictory way , Elijah is the most human-like of the angels . Standing between God and his so perfect creation unwillingly gave him human psychological patterns and humility . One his siblings might profit from . Of all his capacities , he only uses wings for work purposes or observation .

In spite of that , he maintains a good relationship with his many brothers and few sisters , more especially Michael , who often gives a hand to Eli and share the news with him . Elijah is the man in the shadow , may it be about his actions in Heaven , Earth or Hell . He sometimes goes to Lucifer and his wife in Hell but their relationship his very conflicted and Eli hates conflicts and violence and always advocates the peaceful alternative . They were closer as children but maybe Elijah resent him for leaving him the responsabilities he never should have had to him alone , just as his Father .

All in all , Elijah may be a celestial being but he carries his own imperfection and evolves through his time with Lydia more than he has through the last millenial . He may sometimes speak like an old person tired of living the same life and sound depressed but he also feels joy and worships the beauty of life and always approach different situations retrospectively . Elijah has been touched like humans by the inconsistency of life and feelings and learnt to appreciate long lasting and stable elements , even though nothing last forever . He never really express sadness but sometimes speaks hard truths and true wisdom . Elijah is honest , though he has to lie to Lydia about who he really is to protect her , and knows the balance between respecting other and respecting himself and never puts one on top of the other . Elijah , by his judgement , is always fair . That’s why God put him in charge .



Step 4 – Showing VS Telling (300)


Telling : Elijah is jealous , and don’t know how to handle it .




Eli was standing aside , quietly , while Lydia was showing Terrence around the house . No matter what , he couldn’t keep his eyes off them . His friend . How could he not see how beautiful she is ? They seemed too focused on the shelves to mind him .


« What do you want to eat tonight , love ? » asked Elijah , timidly .


Does she care ?


« Whatever you want , babe . »


Elijah mechanically took off a chopping board and two onions from the kitchen cupboard . What was he going to do with that ? He glanced at them again . They were talking about her job he knew nothing about .


« Is he okay ? »


«  Babe ? »


Eli didn’t notice that he spent the last minutes standing still , staring at them , holding a knife .


« Yes ? »


« It’s a … bit creepy , honey . »


Elijah frowned , went back to his onions and started chopping loudly .


Dinner passed paintfully for Elijah . He cleaned the table quite quickly and avoided despite himself Terrence and Lydia . Though he suffered her absence , Eli felt confort in isolation for a while and buried himself in a book . Lydia accompagnied Terrence to the door .


« Babe ? »


Elijah didn’t feel like talking .


« I don’t feel like talking. »


« What’s happening ? »


« ... »


« Cuddling maybe ? »




« No , thanks . »


Lydia stood there for a moment , confused, uncertain of what to do . He faked ignoring her all evening but the truth was : he could neither face what was wrong with him , nor focus on his book again .


Step 5 – Desire and Obstacle


What’s Elijah’s core desire ? Experience love ?

=> He both seeks and fears human interaction , love of all kind .


Here they were: Selena’s place . Elijah couldn’t say if the memories he had here were good or bad , but he sure didn’t want to have more . By the way , Elijah thought that Lydia wouldn’t probably appreciate him visiting an ‘’ex’’ that much . Could she really be considered that way ?


« Aren’t we coming in , Mister Elijah? » asked the little girl by his side .


« You don’t have to call me ‘’Mister’’ . » he answered , amused . « And Yes , we are. »


« Then why are we still waiting ? » , definitely curious .


« Can I make a confession to you ? »


Admitting to a little girl who just passed away that he didn’t want to go wasn’t the best strategy ever .


« A tough conversation awaits me behind those gates .»




« With Lady Death ? »


« Her name’s Selena . »


« An angel once told me that sometimes we do what we HAVE to do instead of doing what we WANT in order to make things right . FIVE minutes ago. » she mocked , raising her tiny hand to his sight .


« You’re a sassy one , aren’t you ? Alright , let us go . »


The gates opened and the twinkle in their eyes both faded , replaced by fear and aprehension .


« It will be just fine . » said Elijah , grabbing the little girl’s hand .


Will it ? There sould be no worries for the little girl , but for him ? If there’s something that he remembered from his time what how lunatic Selena could get if contradicted . Elijah became unsure , whether he should mention Lydia or not .


The little girl’s soul disapeared in a white peaceful crackling fire , followed by a suave , deep , feminine voice .


« My sweet Elijah. It has been such a long time since your last visit that I’ve been wondering if you weren’t , by any chance , avoiding me ? »


And petrifaction stroke again .

Step 6 – Plot


Beginning : Desire , Obstacle , Stakes .

=> Experience love with Lydia / Selena / Lydia’s life+their relationship .


Middle : Several Obstacles














End : Brief description of the world after the Climax


Through the thousands of years Elijah carried dying souls to Death , he had never felt more complete . Lydia , as a new celestial being , revealed herself to be an altruist . She felt the need , that became her own mission , to repare people . Both of them now spend eternity walking the Earth , one releasing the burden of life of those who leave , the other easing the heart of those who stay .


« Do you think we could keep the house ? Asked Lydia


Even in death , she was glowing .


« Not for ever , love . People will notice . »


« Too bad . »


They enjoy eternity as we speak ,


« I love you . » she whispered


Like a forever-lasting memory ,


«Hm...Still not keeping the house. »


« It was worth trying ! »


With a bit of fantasy ,


« I love you too . »


Filling the hole that Time had left in each other’s heart .


The End