Roses are red

Roses are red - student project

I started this class because I was attended a loose floral workshop last year and I wanted to brush up my knowledge  about the technique (here dropped floral). This class was a really nice overview of painting flowers in general and gave me a good boost again after struggling with this one technique for so long. I just realized that it is OK if I am not so good in the dropped technique because using some more illustrative techniques I can paint some amazing flowers. 

I've been practicing the loose floral technique for a while but I just realized that I've never painted roses before! So here are some rose sketching with calligraphy pen:

Roses are red - image 1 - student project


And some loose floral roses. I am not so impressed with these:

Roses are red - image 2 - student project


I skipped the vintage flowers one because I am not familiar with acrylic paint and I didn't wanted to mess up my palette (and I don't have while acrylic). Maybe I will try this technique with some guash.

The third technique was really close to my heart, I loooove that it has more illustrative lines. I switched to the viviva colorsheet, because this is my most vibrant watercolor. 


I am pretty surprised how it turned out. I think the warming up with other techniques helped a lot. 


Roses are red - image 3 - student project


I am amazed by this class. It was straightforward, easy to follow, a real gem in the sea of skillshare tutorials. 

Zsófia Savanyú
3D rigger at work, drawing at home