Rose on Houndstooth | Skillshare Projects

Michelle Goggins

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!



Rose on Houndstooth

I learned a lot of great techniques in this class. Before this class, I never could understood the part of image trace about deleting the white background!  This class explained it perfectly and I totally understood how to do it and why.  All of these "For Lunch" classes have really helped clarify things in Illustrator for me. 

I used my own photo of a rose to work with, and I loved learning how to extract it in Photoshop!  I had always just used the eraser...of course making it way more compliacted than it needed to be! 

I extracted the rose, vectorized it in Illustrator, added the half tones, and the houndstooth pattern. 




This was another really great class!  I'm feeling excited about Illustrator now! 


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