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Rose, get into the boat.

I want to start hand-lettering, haven't practice much yet so I'm hoping this will be the start of an inspirational journey.

Choose your phrase:
"Rose, get into the boat"
I just had to do a Titanic quote it is one of my favorite movies, and I can watch it two times in a row.
The quotes I really wanted to do were a little too long, at least for a first time hand-lettering project. So I chose one that me and my friends quote often for no reason. I don't know if it's her voice that makes it funny, but I always burst out laughing when I hear her say it.

Inspiration and Brainstorming:

I used information from the movie, such as why the boat was name Titanic. I also took in consideration when the real life Titanic went down, as well as the realese of the movie.


Gathering Reference Material:

I made a Pinterest board to collect all my inspirational and reference images.

Lettering Warm Up:

I need to practice lettering a lot more, and the warm ups prove that. Understanding and remembering where to apply more pressure, and what direction your pen should be going for different strokes is still very confusing to me. During the sketches I was getting upset that I was smudging most of my paper. Is there tips someone may have for a left handed person? 




Worked on a couple more thumbnails



Here is my ink drawing. I mostly wanted to meet the deadline. There are many changes I want to make. Mostly is my hand rendering "skills", I don't have much of it, but I also wasn't as patient with it. The "script" lettering isn't working as much with the compostion as I wanted it to. I wanted to keep Rose in a script letter form because of her curly hair, being from a wealthy family, and to show how she felt like her lifer was spiraling down. Also the stars look awefull. But here is my piece for now.



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