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Rose Sketches & Dropped Floral Practice

This is something I painted after finishing the bouquet--it's mostly painted with tube watercolor--not the inks.  I only have 3 ink colors and they are pretty garish by themselves.  I mixed them with tube colors to creat the bouquet from class below this.  I've been really inspired by this class.  I plan to move on to the next part soon.  Thanks so much Amarlyis :)  Your work is amazing! 



I'm really enjoying this class--thank you Amarylis--your work is wonderful and so inspiring.

  I bought a few bottles of dr. Martins watercolor inks but  didn't know how to use them alongside my regular paints until this class.  This is my first experiment. Since I only had 3 bottles of color (raspberry, purple and ice green)--they looked terrible together...!  I mixed these muted colors.  I'll be working on the next piece of the project soon.  So many beautiful projects posted--I was a bit intimidated. 





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