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Rosanna V.

Visual Facilitator and Coach, Consultant



Rosanna's project

This part of the project made me look at the font / typography differently and more mindfully about the logos. For example, B-line design was from a piece of iron work art piece that includes a dragonfly, the artist had quite a few pieces with dragonflies on them, and seems to convey that it's somewhat of a central design or inclusion of his work. ThinkPad was simple, clean, san serif with a red dot highlighting the word "think" - a laptop made by Lenovo (part of IBM). The O in the brank "Oliv" clearly simulates an olive, and the curving words below seems to denote the olive branch and oil dripping.

Very interesting - lots of thoughts went into these logos and brands. Comments?

New to Skilshare. I hand did this first assignment because I want to improve my hand lettering. Feedback will be much appreciated.Thanks.


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