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Rosado the orange tabby

We have 2 dogs and 3 cats so it was hard to pick my "model". Rosado usually sits on the kitchen stool hanging out so she won. I took her photo then did a quick pencil sketch.


She is kind of a weird cat so I thought her sketch captured her quirkiness. 

I next painted a texture with acrylic paint:


Anne's detailed instructions about setting up the photoshop file were spot on. I still need to work with layer masks to fully understand them but this technique worked very well.

I did not want a super-realistic portrait, so the challenge was to express Rosado's "tabbyness" without painting every stripe and hair.


Photoshop, how I love thee....the final file was a bit chalky and low-contrast but I was able to adjust the colors and contrast. Plus there was a ginormous pet hair on the paint texture I was able to clone stamp out.

I was glad to have the tutorial on working with the texture file -- it adds a lot of character to the piece. Next time I will paint with a tablet instead of my mouse -- yay!


Thanks for the course, Anne!


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