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Rooster & Red Panda

I decided to work on the side view of a rooster. It's not as pleasingly symmetrical but it has a lot of interesting details. My brother was born in rooster year, so hopefully I can work this up into a design that might create something fun to give him


^early sketch.

I'm hoping to derive my color scheme from chinese ink paintings. 


So I brought it into illustrator and added some gradient and texture stuff. Overall, semi-satisfied. The combination of the sideview and the heavy use of ovals caused me to struggle with getting the strong sense of geometry that DKNG do so well.

Still I think I learned a lot doing this project, and maybe later will do another animal to work on my geometry. 

(The since 1993, is because my little brother is a rooster year.)

A really simple little design, just because I wanted to try doing something more rules based / symmetrical. I'm actually pleased with how it came out. :) 


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