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Caleb Sylvest

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Roose Bolton - Branding A Game of Thrones

I am a huge fan of the A Game of Thrones series as well as typography and lettering. Several months ago I decided to combine the two to begin a Tumblr blog called Branding A Game of Thrones, creating typographic representations of character names.

Below you will see my sketches, I started with low fidelity doodles trying to come up with a basic idea of letterforms. Then I made several attempts and larger more fleshed out letterforms (on the right, two similar version). I want the type style for all my characters to somewhat personify the person they represent (some are better than others), for Roose Bolton the letterforms are loose, shakey, a little bit off. I added a dagger because the Boltons are known for their love of sharp knives (this is also after the Red Wedding debut on the show).


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