Room illustrating the 8 elements of design | Skillshare Projects

Room illustrating the 8 elements of design

!. Needs- a beautiful place to entertain or relax

2. Shape-rectangles of sectional, pillows , coffee table and screen are combined with the circles of the tray on the coffee table , the wicker poufs and the circles on the screen.

3. Color- the pillows and the items on the coffee table bring in some color to the room. 

4.Pattern-different patterns in the pillows and the pattern in the screen.

5.Texture- the different textures of the pillows, the leather ottoman,fabric screen, metal tray, jute rug.

6-Placement-the items in the coffee table, the pillows, the screen, the photos, the wicker poufs.

7. Bling- silver tray and sconce.

8-Botanicals-the flowers on the tray


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