"Room For One More", a "Scary Stories" inspired short.

       This is the first of three short stories, hand picked from the "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" series, that we are creating. We grew up on these stories, can recite them by heart and still get scared by them as adults. Currently, we are writing scripts to delve deeper into the characters and storylines outlined in the books, since most of these are quite short. We have started storyboarding our camera moves and blocking (see below) and are just trying to tighten the story a little bit more to our liking.

       I am by no means a storyboard artist, but we wanted to get these scanned into the computer so it would aid in doing digital blocking/storyboarding.

This scene takes place in front of the airport. Getting permission to film in front of an airport, especially LAX, is not an easy task, fyi.

As you can see, I can't draw hands for the life of me, we are taking the script scene by scene and working through some of our complicated shots and trying to find work arounds for shots that we might not be able to pull off without having a crane or a complicated dolly system...


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