Rooftops of Antigua, Guatemala | Skillshare Projects

Gregory Flick

Director of Creative Media



Rooftops of Antigua, Guatemala

I took this picture while I was in Antigua, Guatemala.


The first thing I did was remove some of the poles and wires on Touch Retouch:


After that, I proceeded to do the three different edits on VSCO Cam.

In this first edit, I wanted to give the picture a cooler tone. I used a preset that had more blue-tones to it and adjusted the temperature along with some other minor edits.


In the second edit, I gave the picture a warmer tone. Increasing the temperature, tints, and saturation; along with choosing a warmer preset.


In the final edit, I wanted to try giving the picture a more faded/black and white look.


This project was a lot of fun to work on, and I loved playing around with VSCO Cam; seeing which filters I liked best and trying out the many other tools it offered.


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