Ronieria AGAIN!!!!!!!

Ronieria AGAIN!!!!!!! - student project


  To enjoy Ronieria.

 The evil Lyrnak is terrorizing the amazing realm after Naomi accidentally frees him.

  Her friend, Elaina, is seriously hurt and cannot help, causing the whole thing to seem hopeless.

   Naomi feels like all of it is her fault.

   Naomi and her friends think that they have failed, and that they should just stop trying.

   They're going to keep trying the same plan, but with an additional team member this time.

  The group goes to the Temple of Zalaam to attempt the plan again.



  Naomi looked outside. It was hopeless. Elaina would most likely never be able to walk again, and there were no other realm travelers left to do the mission.

" It's not your fault. It's mine. I should have been more careful." Elaina was being carried by her extraordinarily short husband.

" But it is. If I had never visited, the Lyrnak would've never been freed. If he was never freed, then..."

  " Stop talking, you idiot. It isn't your fault. You didn't know about the prophecy." Lila walked over as she gave herself a very sloppy braid.

" You're wrong!!! It is my fault!!!" Naomi was fading quickly.

" No, you're the one who's........ Stop waking!!! This is an emergency." Lila tried to grab her friend, but it was too late; Naomi was awake.

 Naomi opened her eyes. Her reading light was on, and a 12 year old boy was looking down at her. He seemed annoyed and slightly worried.

" Jack? Why'd you wake me up?" Naomi rubbed her eye.

" You were having some kind of odd nightmare. I heard you talking about something being all your fault and something about a liar's knack for something." His blue-grey eyes seemed to be glowing.

" I was having that Lyrnak dream again." 

" The one where you're 30?"

" Yes, that one."

" What happened this time?"

" My friend's legs were burned off........... And it's all my fault."

" It's totally your fault."

" I know, but my friends keep saying it isn't....... I don't know what to think. We should have just given up."

" It's your fault, but you can't just stop trying to beat the monster. If it's in your dream, it probably represents somebody. You mustn't give up on something just because it's hard."

" Well, I'm going back to sleep. Love you."

" No, you don't." Jack closed the door.

Naomi drifted back to sleep. Her brother was gone, so it was easier this time.

" You're back!!! Well, we made a plan for what we'll do next." Elaina was lying in a bed in the room.

" What is the plan?"

" Hiding until it's all over."

" No!!! We have to keep fighting!!"

" Why?"

" Because we can't give up. Let's just add Fred into the team."

" Why?"

" To carry you, Laina!!!"

" Oh......"

 Lila had an explanation and everything and they left for the Temple of Zalaam......

   I know that I rushed the end, but I hope you like it.




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