Alisha Homan

Graphic Designer



Ron Swanson is the man

I literally just signed up for this class about 5 minutes ago and already I know my quote. Recently I've become hooked on the show Parks and Recreation. Originally I started watching it because I am in love with Aubrey Plaza and her emotionlessness, but after only a few episodes I realized the star of the show has got to be Ron Swanson and his always sincere and meaningful advise. Therefore, the quote I've chosen is: "Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing." – Ron Swanson. 

I've decided to make this into a poster or design it like a page out of the Ron Swanson handbook or something. Anyway, I did a little brainstorming tonight. The quote itself wasn't giving me any ideas so I focused more on Ron himself. I want this design to show his personality.

Ron is a simple, outdoorsy guy so that's the mood I'm going for. Very rough and sketchy looking letters. My next goal is to get a color pallet nailed down. I'm thinking something muted, maybe browns, greens, tans, and black?


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