Ron Swanson Homage

Ron Swanson Homage - student project

Here is my take on True Grit. Ron Swanson is a character from the TV show Parks and Recreations. He's your definition of a traditional wise American man with a love for meat, crafting things and showing no emotion. I felt his character perfectly complimented the gritty textures of the poster (though nothing to do with the film!)

In hindsight I would have liked to make my project more different in layout than Andrew's but really happy with the outcome. I had already purchased a very similar texture set from Go Media a while ago so can't take credit for the textures but will definitely use the techniques in the future after watching this tutorial closely.

I have never illustrated anything before and can't draw so the face illustration is new to me. Any constructive help with that would be great as it's a whole new world to me.

Ron Swanson Homage - image 1 - student project

Ron Swanson Homage - image 2 - student project