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Kris Karlson

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Ron Swanson: A Swan Song

After doing a bit of research I decided that I wanted to do a portrait pin. There are some amazing ones on pinterest! (Mrs Doubtfire!) Being a huge Parks and Recreation fan, I decided to go with my main man Ron Swanson. For anyone who hasn't seen Parks and Rec, do so right now! For those of you who don't have a spare 48 hours right now, take a look at this or this

Reference Pins: 


My favoutite Apple Metal Pin:


Sketch references:

Like Jon did with one of his pins, I drew my design in illustrator without using a sketch. So instead I've included my reference images; I give you Ronald Ulysses Swanson


Final Illustration:

Initially, I planned to use a quote as well as his face, but soon realised that it looked too busy and that the image was much stronger without the text. This was a shame because Ron Swanson has some of the best quotes around.


Thanks for checking out my project, I hope you like it! To see more of my work, or just to say hi, follow me on instagram @kris_karlson or take a look at my website

Final Mockup:



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