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Romero Family Crest

The Romero Family name originates from surnames that were assigned to groups of immigrants that would travel from the different areas of Europe in search of the "Holly Land". Romero refers to the ones that traveled from Rome and the idea behind these surnames was to be able to classify and organize immigration to other lands. Below and exploration of some iconic monuments I could leverage:

The Romero Crests contained 2 common elements: Rosemary herbs and the heraldic Lions. The Lions were referenced to denote authority and protection. Romero ,in spanish also refers to an herb (Rosemary). It is said that the surname was associated with the Romero's because of its ability to adapt to inhospitable areas, just like the herb. The national bird of Venezuela is the Tucan and whiles tempting to incorporate some Fruit Loops I demonstrated restraint and instead explored the shapes.

My early explorations intended to play with different configurations to establish a overall shape that had symmetry and balance. 

The Romero family was involved in the 1492's discovery of the Americas and continued to populate many areas of the southern and central part of the continent. My family lived in rural areas of Venezuela for at least 5 generations. My Grandfather was a tobacco salesman and traveled, on horse, all through out the western part of the country in the early 1900's. I wanted to incorporate an element of the cigar industry into the designs but chose, instead, to pull color palletes off turn of the century cigar boxes. I also incorporated the arc of stars, which is present on the Venezuelan Flag.

 My approach was to combine all these elements to create a family crest the represents the origins as well as the later generations so find below my final choice. Thank you Aaron and DDC for this opportunity to look back at my family name. I discovered so much!


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