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Rome from Piazza Borghese

I lived in Rome forty years ago in Piazza Borghese in the Centro Storico. Last September I went back there and stayed in a small hotel right across the road. At the end of March I am going back to Italy again. I am travelling with a friend at first, and she is then meeting up with her husband. We will be staying in the same small hotel, but at different times. This hotel is so convenient, so I want to do a map I can copy for her to find how to get to important places from there. Mostly importantly the Bancomat and the gelaterie. This is MY Rome. Piazza Borghese is the centre of Rome for me because that is where I lived.

Bounded at the north by Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna in the west, the river, or perhaps Castel Sant'Angelo in the east, and not sure about the south yet, perhaps the  pantheon or Piazza Navona. So, major sights as almost compass points, but more mundane or useful places within that.

I am a sketcher, so it will be a hand drawn map with watercolour washes. I plan to draw it with a dip pen and nib to get a really hand-drawn look. I will name the main streets that are needed to show how to get to certain places and leave the rest out. I want to come up with recognisable small symbols for my main 'compass points'. Colours, maybe sepia ink  on reds and ochres.

Photos to come. I need to make them smaller before I can upload them.


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