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Romantic Polaroid Picnic

My design link to spoonflower :

Here is the final design and the repeat tile:


My first simple square repeat, I'm really liking how the polaroids pop from the yellowish background:

half drop experiment:

some swirls:

Experimenting with outline and filled motifs:

Changed the background color to see how it would look:

Scattered Repeat, really loving this one! :

Added some swirls that created a really neat pattern of its own! This is one of my favs too. :

Looks really nice with a different colored background! Added some outlines:


As I was brainstorming about picnics, of course food came up. But as I started thinking about the feelings of pinics, I keep thinking about a dream picnic date I would have on a one-on-one date! Still deciding whether it'd be at night or day. So far I'm leaning towards the moon and stars.

I'm a photographer myself and I want to incorporate that idea into the picnics, because it is all about creating memories. So I was thinking of using a polaroid or filmstrip pattern to incorporate all the elements compositionally. 

For colors, I'm thinking it'd be kind of vintage/modern-like.

Here are some sketches:

I really liked the mustache and lips images because it really represents symbolically a man and woman on this cute little picnic date!

Flavor board:

 all of this somehow with the filmstip and make it into a cool pattern somehow. Still developing! :)


Color Scheme:

My first Motifs using live trace:

Polaroid motifs:

Colored Motifs:

I decided to put each of the items inside the polaroid squares and a word to describe my romantic picnic date. 


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