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Romantic 4th of July Picnic

I don't have much experience with picnics. The majority of picnics I've had, have been with my husband, when I think of picnics I think of 4th of July last year, strawberrys, fireworks and music at an outdoor amphitheater, sitting on a blanket in the grass. So, I can't help but thinking of a picnic in a romantic way. The elements-words that I chose for my concept were the strawberrys, fireworks, wine and then just typical picnic elements like the blanket and sandwiches. 

Here's my inspiration board:

And these are my sketches---I know they are very simple but I feel this is all that I need, on the inspiration board I collected all these "pairs", pair of sandwiches, pair of wine glasses, pair of straberrys....even if the couple isn't there, you know it is an intimate, romantic moment between 2 people...and then the fireworks in the background, just like a cheesy line I might have heard in a movie or something "when I kissed him/her the first time it was like fireworks", the picnic that keeps popping up in my head for this whole concept was last 4th of July, so, of course, there were fireworks! I can picture them filling the background in a repetitive way, I think firework images would be perfect for that. So, now I'm off to start Unit 2, very excited to start playing with Illustrator!

So, I've had tones and tones of fun working with my motifs and believe I'm done with them and ready to start the repeats. I ended up not using the blanket because of the way my idea evolved and the way I treated the motifs. Since the idea is a romantic picnic on 4th of july but there's no people in the motifs, I wanted the "pairs" and the general atmosphire to give the idea of that "romanticism". A pair of wine glasses, a pair of sandwiches, a pair of strawberries. The circles and rectangles behind the motifs are just my way of making it all look as part of 1 design. Initially I thought I was going to make a composition with the elements, lay them all on top of the blanket and make it look like a picnic set up but I like the idea of just reapeating the elements a lot better. I feel that if you see the basket, the wine, the sandwich, etc, etc, you will know that the design refers to a picnic (I hope!). I want to use the fireworks as the backgroung, I will see how it goes on the actual repeat! :D

I turned these ones into symbols and played with them quite a bit. I just piucture this in the background of the design. The idea of my theme was a romantic 4th of July picnic, basically because I hardly have any experiences with picnics and the one picnic that kept coming back to my head was my most recent experience, last 4th of July with my husband (wow, it's been a year already, we gotta go on picnics more often!), so, hopefully the fireworks will inmediately give the idea of 4th of july and/or something romantic...I actually remember my husband and I kissing in one of our first dates at a Green Day concert right when fireworks started at the concert, so, I'm using the fireworks as a romantic  fireworks-start-when-we-kiss kind of symbol, ha (how cheesy of me!, lol, but the story is true ;)

So, after a lot of struggle with my computer speed and after loosing a few of my designs (due to computer crashing before saving the file...I tried to save as often as possible but sometimes I would be too excited doing the repeat and would forget ;) ) Here's my final repeat. I'm sorry I'm not uploading pictures of the bunches of tests I did, I ended up finishing in my husband's computer because mine just couldn't take the size of the files (it's an oldie), so, the files are all spread out in 2 computers. But, here's the final! it's very simple, I wanted to do more complex stuff but I will wait until I get a better computer (It's coming next week, so excited!) to play some more.


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