Nick Anderer

Executive Chef / Partner, Marta & Maialino



Roman Style Thin Crust Pizza

Now comes the fun part. We've walked through some basic techniques, so you can practice the building blocks of what makes a Roman style thin crust pizza – next, I want to see what you make.

Get creative with your favorite ingredients. Find things from your local market or a friend's garden, and throw that on a pizza. Experiment with a breakfast pizza like we did on the Carbonara.

If you want to stick to the classic Margherita or even just a test pie to get your techniques down, share a photo of that in your Project Workspace. 

The possibilities are endless. Most importantly, have fun! 

Thanks so much for joining me.

- Nick 



Photo credit: Marta Manhattan


Photo credit: Christine Sfeir 


Photo credit: Marta Manhattan


Photo credit: Lizi Dema


Photo credit: Elise Porter 


Photo credit: I Know The Chef


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